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Introduce yourself!

Welcome to the community Renegades! In this thread, please introduce yourself and let us know a little about you. What brought you here? What are you currently playing or reading? What are you hoping for in Renegade?

I'll start - I'm Steakbacon (Alex) a developer on Midnight Star: Renegade and founder of Industrial Toys. I've been making videogames since college (i.e. a looooong time) and I'm amazed by how far smartphones have gone and how powerful they've gotten. I love sci-fi and shooters and draw lots of inspiration from authors like Asimov, Banks and my good friend Scalzi.


  • Hi I'm Nico -- at some point around 1995 I learned that video games could (and should) be art.  

    I worked with Project Magma on Myth doing sound tag management for vTFL (a global Myth 1 emulation layer within Myth 2), as well as original sound tags and music for popular Myth conversion projects.

    Since 2003, I've been writing and recording original music for Red vs. Blue, with my main influences being Ennio Morricone, Daft Punk, Yo La Tengo, Yoko Kanno, Jean Michel Jarre, and Air.

    Since firing up an iPhone 1 on launch day, I too am amazed at the growth of smart phones.  I don't play a lot of games on my phone, but I love the ones that I play as they fit a specific niche of free time.
  • Wow, a little scary to be one of the earliest to check in here. :) I'm Claude, I've been playing games since the 70s (yeah, I'm old), and I've been a pretty hardcore Bungie/Ex-Bungie fan since 1994. (Been running websites for Bungie games, and games by folks who came from Bungie, since almost that long ago.)

    I'm here because I've had faith that Alex's games will be fantastic FOREVER. :) 

    Currently playing way too much Destiny, reading lots of Brandon Sanderson. (Jumping back and forth between Wheel of Time, which I'd never gotten around to before, and his Mistborn series.) Recent Sci-Fi discovery: Joseph Lallo. (I loved the first three books in his Big Sigma series.)

    Not sure what I'm hoping for in Renegade - but I'm guessing it'll be fun!

  • Hi Nico, Hi Claude (Mr. Wu!!!!!) - great to see you guys and welcome to the newly minted forums. Man, I too am way late to the game on Wheel of Time - I guess I was always intimidated by how many books there are. Nice reminder to put it on my list. I did manage to hit the Dark Tower series last year though - and loved it.
  • Was just discussing the Dark Tower series with someone! I tried to read the first book a few years after it came out, but just couldn't get into it - I gave up after a few chapters. I came back to it more than 10 years later, and devoured it. Not sure what changed. The weird thing is - they'd had the same experience! Wheel of Time is definitely worth the read... it's a lot of pages, though. 
  • I'm Jason, lead engineer on Renegade. I've been making mobile games for about 5 years. I went to college to learn to program games, thinking I'd be working at some gigantic AAA studio. I ended up at Disney out of school where I worked on Where's My Water with a very small team and a bunch of other games in that series. I instantly fell in love with mobile. After working on casual games for awhile I thought it would be fun to work on hardcore games ( because that's what I play ) and IT came along at just the right time! 

    My favorite sub genre of book is post apocalyptical, which usually tend to fall into the sci-fi genre. I'm currently reading the Silo series by Hugh Howey at Steakbacon's recommendation and I love it! I'm also reading the comic Saga, which is a great sci-fi series by the author of one of my favorite comic series of all time ( Y: The Last man ), Brian K Vaughan.
  • PeachesPeaches Developer
    I'm Kyle, a designer on Renegade. I started making games in college where I was fortunate to be part of the team that made the student version of Octodad. After graduating I took a job as a Level Designer for Disney Mobile working on titles in the Where's my...? series and various other projects. Similar to Jason, I mostly play core games and an opportunity to work at IT came along at the perfect time.

    My reading habits are usually comics, fantasy, and horror. Lately that list includes Lazarus by Greg Rucka & Michael Lark, East of West by Jonathon Hickman, The Fade Out by Ed Brubaker, and House of Chains by Steven Erickson.
  • RocketMonkeyRocketMonkey Developer
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    I'm Scott, an engineer on Renegade. I've focused on Graphics and UI programming since college, including a few video games over the years.  I play mostly mobile games these days, but still find time to squeeze some time in on my trusty PS4.

    My reading habits are determined by Steakbacon, so I've read a lot of Asimov and Dan Simmons lately. I'm hoping my next assignment is less bleak.  I did manage to read all of Wheel of Time when the last volume was published, I was surprised how well Sanderson picked it up and closed it out.
  • OK if you want less bleak - steer wide of Aurora (wow, talk about a multi-generational f-u). Come to think of it - a lot of sci fi is bleak! Have you read The Martian yet?
  • RocketMonkeyRocketMonkey Developer
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    Now I'll probably read Aurora. Yes, I've read The Martian.
  • Looking forward to the game. Fps is my favorite genre and I play midnight star and loved it. Thing I'm looking forward to most is free movement!
  • Hi all, I'm James. Nerd, embedded Linux developer, sci-fi, fantasy, and video games fan. I'm Android only so I haven't tried the original midnight star yet, but I've been following Scalzi's work for some time and am excited to try out renegade! 
  • Ben from Japan here. I got really into Midnight Star, so looking forward to this too.

    Brandon Sanderson is fantastic, eh? I just wish he'd stop starting new projects without finishing the old ones!
  • Hi, Tom from London here. I make mobile apps during the day and love to game in my spare time, big fan of Midnight Star. 
  • Hi - I'm Brent. I am the COO/CTO at Industrial Toys. A long long time ago I was the project lead for Oni at Bungie. More recently I was Director of Engineering at Digidesign/Avid and was the program manager at DreamWorks Animation for their next generation lighting tool. I am more into trendy TV then deep sci-fi but I did really enjoy the Old Man's War series by our collaborator John Scalzi.
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    Hey all! I'm Gage, and I've been playing video games for as long as I can remember, all the way back to the SNES (yeah that isn't a long time compared to the Atari ages, but me. Old for me). I've been into shooters for the past few years and after seeing Midnight Star on the App Store last year, I couldn't resist! And then after slowly falling our of it due to lack of updates (though it's still amazing, don't get me wrong) and getting an email about this game, and seeing the words beta.. I couldn't help but jump on it!

    Since we're on the topic of books, I have to say that my favorite series is The Inheritence Cycle by Chistopher Paolini, second favorite being the Legend series by Marie Lu followed closely by her The Young Elites series. 

    Im currently really loving CS:GO, Critical Ops (like CS:GO but currently in a Facebook Alpha) Clash Royale, Vainglory (!!!), Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, PvZ: Garden Warfare 1 and 2, and Heroes of the Storm. 

    Glad to be here, excited to beta test, and can't wait to crush those bugs underneath the soles of my shiny new Jump Boots- if I ever land, that is. ^~^/)
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    Hi I'm Brent, I've been gaming since '85 or something - as soon as I could pick up a controller. I like to play on PC and Android (and Android TV when there's games for it - it's pretty bare sometimes). I imagine I signed up for your mailing list after reading about the project on John Scalzi's blog.

    What drew me to Midnight Star is what looks like a novel control scheme for FPS games on a touch screen (something that is really hard to do I think, so nice job). I'm an interaction designer by profession and have grown a little bored with the stagnancy productivity app UI design (there's only so much friction you can remove in a given app). I had the realization a few years that games intentionally introduce friction and it's enjoyable as a result. Which is counter-intuitive to the "Don't Make Me Think" nature of productivity applications. Since then I've been a gamedev in my spare time, since it seemed like a good way to explore a different part of my skill set.

    I have grand ideas for an FPS adventure set in a sprawling sci-fi city (the sort of thing seen in the background of sci-fi games and movies or the city in the Dredd movie) - I've always wanted to scroll around Coruscant. I've been working on my own and don't really know what I doing, so it's been real slow progress. 

    Oh and I have a small personal podcast about geeky stuff like games and weird things online that I just brought out of dormancy after 6 years. 

    Forgot to say what I'm playing: I've been slowly working through my insane Steam library, last cool thing I played was The Detail - it's a really well done detective game presented as an interactive comic.
  • Hello!  I'm DuckTapeAl, and I'm a game designer at Turbine.  I started playing Midnight Star pretty recently, mainly because John Scalzi talks about it on his blog.  When I heard that there was a sequel, I knew I wanted to be in the beta if I could.

    I'm currently playing mostly Tap Tycoon, Destiny, Midnight Star, and Clash Royale.  i'm big into RPGs, especially ones with deep crafting and character advancement systems.

    I'm reading Warbreaker right now, and I've got a several foot high stack of Wheel of Time books on deck once I finish that.

    The biggest reason why I wanted to join the beta here was that I feel like the first Midnight Star had a really innovative solution to the control problem in moblie FPSes, and I'm excited to see where you go next!
  • Hi my name is Ilya.  I've read about Midnight Star via some online gaming newsletter that I subscribe to.  I play a ton of games on mobile.  Some of my favorites are: Hero Academy, X-Mercs, Hearthstone,Clash Royale, and punch club.  I'm also currently playing Rocket League, Division, and Xcom 2 on console/mac.  I'm super excited to check out what you guys have cooking with Midnight Star.
  • Hey guys I'm jellyd0nut and I'm new to the forum. I've heard about the game from an email I got because I used to play midnight star. 
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    Yo, Tanis here, via Scalzi's shameless self-promotion. I make card games (Pathfinder Adventure Card Game), RPGs (D&D), and edit stuff (novels, puzzles, whatever).
  • Hi all, I'm imasisara, and I wandered this way from Scalzi. The game looks really interesting! Right now, I'm playing lego star wars. Because legos. And Star Wars. How can you not?
  • steakbaconsteakbacon admin
    edited March 2016
    Welcome Scalzi fans! (Little known fact: Scalzi and I lived in the same dorm/same year at college. Oddly enough, my wife lived in that dorm too, but I managed to find her first :wink: )
  • XD
    I have a feeling I'm going to love it here, with devs like this.
  • Hi.  I'm Shannon.  I've been playing video games since, well, probably the early days.  Sometime vaguely back in the 1970's.  I've been a gamer ever since.  I wandered in here from Scalzi as well.  

    Favorite games:  Battlefield 1942, MOO (the original Master of Orion), DOOM (original), and Sub Battle Simulator (anyone else remember that game?)

    Lately I've been playing Diablo III, Borderlands 2, Sins of a Solar Empire, Star Citizen, and I just started The Division.
  • Greetings All, 
    Looking forward to becoming a Renegade!!!
  • Hey!
    im Insta! (I keep my name hidden)
    I've been a gamer since 2007 and hardcore gaming since 2014.

    I love playing FPS games as well has TPS. I like adventure, horror and mixed genres. My Favourite games are: Battlefeild, Battlefeild Hardline, CoD Black ops, CoD Black Ops 2 CoD Black Ops 3, CoD Advanced Warfare, Roblox, Evolve, Titanfall and a lot more that I'm not going to list rn
  • Mondak here.  Excited to beta test on Android
  • Chad here. I am a web developer at Microsoft and playing with Unity in my spare time. I recently played through Mad Max for Xbox One and am reading The Violent Comics.

    I have been a gamer for several years starting with NES. I have had many favorites throughout the years, Halo: CE being one of those. I am excited to see what you are working on now, and how you will revolutionize the industry yet again.

    I'm here to play the game early, and would love to see a smooth hand-held shooter that isn't asking me to buy things after every match.
  • Hi,

     Tom here! Northern CA. I too! am old I played "DEATH RACE" at a Shakey's Pizza! We're talkin' 1976!! I was a game tester at SEGA in the 90's and did art for some big games.(Won't mention) I can't do full-time development work cuz *I'm too old and it would kill me, but I like to watch projects develop from time to time. My favorite genre/sub-genre is post-apocalyptic!  

  • Hi
    My name is Arkleoth (not my real name)
    Well I'm currently a med student. I have been an avid gamer since 2002.
    Really excited to have this opportunity, and I plan to make the most of it.
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