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Midnight Star: Renegade - An Introduction

Midnight Star: Renegade - a brand new shooter for mobile coming in 2016.

It's 2140 and humanity's made a discovery that will propel us to the stars or reduce us to ruin. Our fate rests in your hands. Welcome to Midnight Star: Renegade, the brand new action game on mobile.

Craft your own weapons and gear while ascending the ranks of the GMSC's elite Renegade forces. Shooting combat spans fast, action packed levels as you unravel the mysteries left behind by a space faring civilization that went missing 22,000 years ago.

Enter the multiplayer arena to battle for rank amongst your fellow renegades. Head to head matches reward you with gear and bragging rights - at least until the next season begins!

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  • Can't wait to squash some bugs!!!!  
  • The ultimate weapon at max level should be either a can of bug spray that acts like a flamethrower, or a gun skin that says bug-b-gone
  • When will I get my test invite?
  • If you have not gotten a TestFlight invitation please dm me your sign up email address. Sometimes TestFlight needs an extra kick. 
  • Hey i just started playing a few days ago and am in zone 3. Nowhere along the way has the game said how to do a special kill. I have a few levels that could use some help in this area. Maybe the first level requiring a special kill could have a demo of how to do one... dont know if this is posting to the right area. Great game so far.
  • Special kill: use a Special weapon (ie grenade. :) click on the Symbol, then click on the spot you want it to land on... It is guided.

  • Não concordo e não jogo titulos que tenha que matar.
  • The control of game is hard to use as it is aiming directly.
  • Me gustaría que pudieran agregar una opción de bajar algo más los gráficos, de que debería comprarme un celular mejor pero bueno no todos tenemos un buen celular así que es mi única petición ya que lo demás lo veo muy bien bueno gracias por su atención.
  • why its sucks and crashed on mali400mp gpu please fix this coz i realy love this game and its also cant run properly on my device huawei y5c

  • Sorry to hear about the crashing - what version of Android are you on?
  • OniiChanOniiChan
    edited October 31
    Hmm. Hi? Im here to report a bug or its not working well on my device. Just look at this picture. BTW i like the so much its nice. And i want a future that there is a knife or a knife gun because i like knifes. My Asus version is 4.4.2
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