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Sharing and accumulating knowledge

Loving the game, but there doesn't seem to be a good repository of knowledge.  So here's a start, with a bunch of questions directed at the devs or anyone else who may have an answer:

Armor properties:


Shield capacity

Movement speed

Bit drop amount (percentage)

(The meaning of these first few seems self evident.)

Increased health (percentage): Is this overall health increased?

Damage reflection (percentage): Is this a percentage of damage that has no effect (e.g. if damage reflection is 15%, does a hit only do 85% damage?)  Does it stack?

2 s shield cooldown reduction: Does this stack? It looks like there is a cooldown period after your shield takes damage before the shield regenerates

Magnet radius: how close you need to be to pick up items?

Power up chance (percentage): do you need to pick it up?  Or is shooting it enough?


Gun properties:


Elemental damage

Reload speed (percentage)

Fire rate (percentage): rare ability except on epic parts (more common than on legendary)

Health per kill

Clip size

Increased healing (percentage)

Rocket explosion radius

(These first few seem obvious.)


Bleed chance (percentage): This sounds like damage over time.  How much damage is it?

 Accuracy: rare ability except on barrel, only showing up on epic and legendary parts.

Damage to dust/larvae/renfield (percentage): Is this only for the one weapon component?  Or does it boost the gun as a whole?  If on the whole gun, does it stack?

Damage to weak points (percentage): does this work even with rockets?  Info in game says Rockets don’t do extra weak spot damage.  But I’ve got a legendary rifle magazine (with projectile type) rocket that has +34% damage to weak points

Projectile type spread: does each bullet do a fraction of the total damage?  Or does each bullet do the full listed damage?  The first seems more intuitively obvious.  But from playing, it seems like spread bullets do way more damage than the equivalent single bullet.  

Stabiliy: Where does this come into play?



Grenade: seems to trigger on impact

Sticky grenade:  How does this trigger?  Or is it just a fuse (time delay)?

Cluster grenade: Does each of the children do the stated damage?  Or only a fraction of the total?  Same as with spread: it seems like it should be a fraction, but in play it seems like Cluster Grenades just do a lot more damage than the equivalent in a regular grenade.  Maybe not 16 or 20 x, but definitely something more.

Shorter cooldown and elemental property aside, all other things being equal, is anyone choosing to use something besides the Cluster Grenade?


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