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Timed Challenges

So, thing about the timed challenges - both the "fastest to x" and the "x in 3 minutes" ones. Because of how much time elapses between each wave, doing well in those challenges depends way too much on how many enemies you get in each wave. When waves can have between 6 and 15 enemies (I think I've even seen 18?), and the time between waves is almost 5 seconds, the number of enemies in a wave has way too much impact on your final result. I'd really like to see either the time between waves not count toward your time total, or the waves in these challenges be fixed, so that you know you're actually competing against the same conditions. Because right now, timed challenges are my favorite kind, but they are also the most frustrating - I want my result to reflect how well I did, not what some algorithm generated.


  • I really need to know: How the heck are you able to finish those challenges so quickly?

    I'm starting to get the hang of things and developing different strategies for different scenarios.  But for the life of me, I can't seem to break through that threshold that the top players like you are able to reach.

    I know that my device isn't nearly as responsive as it could be, which probably has an impact on this.  
  • I uses the fastest automatic grips I have for those challenges, and load up on parts that increase my fire rate. And I equip spread bullet - the enemies are weak enough on these challenges, you really don't need to worry about anything other than fire rate for your weapon stats. 

    I generally only use zoom to find the next pack of enemies, and then quickly zoom out, which allows me to hit everyone in the bunch without wasting time switching to a new enemy after each kill. Find good spots on the map that allow you to see as much of the arena as possible, so you waste as little time moving around as possible. And learn the wave patterns as much as you can  - this enemy entering from this location means these enemies are also entering from that location, and I need to hit them as soon as possible because they're heading somewhere that's really hard to get to them, that sort of thing.
  • Thanks for the response.  I've been neglecting fire rate as a strategy.  Will try that out.
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