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Bugs: shooting and powerup drops

Playing on Moto G 3rd Gen w/ 2 GB ram Android 6.0.

No particular pattern to it, but sometimes the game will not register touches when attempting to shoot.  When that happens, it will still register touches for targeting and grenades.

The device still registers touches, because I've got developer options on to show touches, it's just the game.

Also, the ability on some equipment of "+x% PowerUp Drop Chance" doesn't seem to work.  Is it supposed to be a boost?.  Sometimes I will see the animation for what looks like a PowerUp Drop, but my inventory never shows any changes.


  • Hey @bdckr - welcome to the Renegade Program and thanks for the feedback. 

    On your first issue, are you noticing that the game just misses touches every once in a while or when it happens the game completely stops accepting touches for firing and aiming, while the UI continues to function. If it's the latter, does it fix itself if you quit or restart the level?

    As for the powerup drop chance - power ups don't actually get added to your inventory. Power ups are health or shield regeneration power ups. So when you kill enemies you should notice more red cross and green shield drops. When you shoot those, they give you shield or health back.
  • bdckrbdckr
    edited September 2016
    It's the second scenario: Touches for firing are not recognized by the game (although I still see touches on the device).  The game continues to play.  I usually don't need to restart the game since it will still recognize touches to arm the grenade or to aim (bottom left target).

    Re: power ups.  That makes sense.  Thanks!

    edit: Just realized that wasn't entirely clear: after touching to arm the grenade or to aim, touches for firing (on the rest of the screen) are recognized again.
  • So just to clarify, you can tap the grenade button, and then tap into the world to throw the grenade and that works, but tapping to fire doesn't work? How about holding your finger on the screen ( assuming you have an automatic weapon equipped )?

    Also how's the frame rate? Is it fluid or does it seem choppy or laggy?
  • Frame rate is mostly laggy, but there are moments where it is nice and smooth.

    Sorry I wasn't more clear.  Let me try again:

    Sometime when I'm playing, the shots no longer register.  I've almost always got an automatic grip, so this often happens when I'm strafing across the screen.  I'll still see the touches (turned on in developer options) but the yellow graphic that indicates a shot being fired disappears.

    The game is still running, stuff is still happening on the screen, but I'm just not firing.  Sometimes if I keep on trying to shoot, it will start again after a few seconds, but as often as not it won't.  But if I do something near the edge of the screen (move, target or arm a grenade), the game recognizes the touch.  After this, the game often (but not always) starts translating my touches into shots again.  
  • alk3ovationalk3ovation Developer
    edited September 2016
    No worries, thanks for clarifying. My guess is it could be one of two things. One possibility is you are sometimes using a burst grip which fires off a burst when you tap or tap and hold and then requires you to tap again to fire again. However, you did say that you almost always have an automatic grap on. If you do have one equipped when this happens, then the second possibility is that because the game is laggy, i.e. has a low frame rate, the gesture recognition is failing and not recognizing tap and hold events. 

    If it's the latter, it may be difficult for us to improve any time soon. At the moment, our game is pretty GPU intensive due to the materials we're using in UE4. Your device has an Adreno 3xx series GPU which we've seen some performance issues on before. We'll certainly try to fix this moving forward but I don't have a time frame for a new, more performant build.

    Thanks for the feedback and helping me track this issue down!
  • You're welcome, and thanks for the game.  Lots of fun.  Scratches that "gotta catch'em all" itch with all the customization options.
  • Glad you're enjoying it!
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