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the game crashes 10 seconds after opening

I just downloaded the game and when i opened it , it just crashed , I'm using a Samsung Galaxy tab 3 with a CyanogenMod custom rom of Android version 5.1.1 on it . Clearing apps doesn't help aswell as rebooting , any help please ?


  • alk3ovationalk3ovation Developer
    edited September 2016
    Unfortunately we don't have a cyanogen android device in the studio. Does it crash at the same spot every time? Can you send the logcat output?
  • mhamedomhamedo
    edited September 2016
    Yes it crashes at the same spot ,It goes to the opening screen (the screen you see when you first open the game) then crashes   

    Logcat ? What's that ? How do i know it ?
  • If you have adb installed on your computer ( sorry I'm not familiar with how cyanogen gets installed ) you can connect your device to your computer and using cmd or terminal ( depending on windows vs mac ) you can run adb logcat and see all of the logs your device is generating
  • Is this it ? 

    Also do you need the logcat with the game installed or not ?
  • Sorry @mhamedo I don't know the answer to that question. adb is a program that is contained within the Android SDK. It's possible that that zip file contains it but I don't know where that zip file came from. 

    The cyanogen mod wiki has some instructions here.
  • I'll try it out in the morning , but what do you mean you don't know where that zip file came from tho ?( Sorry if I'm asking too many questions , I'm just new to this adb thing )
  • So i just downloaded the zip file and unzipped it , the logcat is there , idk what you mean that it's possible that it's there, it's definitely there, also that logcat is from an app on the google play , 
  • What I meant is I don't know where you found that zip file, so I can't be certain it contains the program I'm talking about. My experience with logcat is its actually run through a program called adb ( Android Debug bridge ) which allows your computer to communicate with your android device. I didn't think there was a standalone logcat program.
  • And no worries on the question asking! I'd love to help you out and get our game running on your device
  • Here i took a screenshot so that you could see if that's the logcat you want 
  • That looks right. Can you send me the output of it after the game crashes? Thanks!
  • mhamedomhamedo
    edited September 2016
    There you go , (couldn't upload the new  zip file because it's "already in the discussion")
  • Do you know if you can save the entire output of that program as a text file? The text it spits out scrolls off screen and there is typically a ton of text, so any data that might be useful in figuring out the crash could have already scrolled off screm
  • Looking around on the net, it says the Tab 3 is about 3 years old. I do see one line in the log you sent me that makes me think our launch image might take up to more memory than your device has available, though our image is pretty tiny, so I'd be surprised if that was the case. There's a possibility in the future we could have a build with more logging enabled to see if we could track this issue down but I don't have a timeline on that.
  • mhamedomhamedo
    edited September 2016
    Yeah forgot to say that the output of the game is located in "package manager" line , sorry for making you look for it .

    I have 1GB of ram , that should be enough to run it ,right ? 

     i know my tablet is really old (android version was 4.2.2) but that Cyanogenmod made it like i just bought it from the store 

    Anyways thank you very much for answering and helping me , i'm again really sorry that i made you look for that line in the logcat.

  • No worries. I saw our package name in there. You're right about 1 GB of ram being enough to run our game, thats why I'm extremely doubtful its a memory thing. The game runs well on Apple devices that support metal and high end Android OpenGL devices. We haven't had the time/resources to optimize it for lower end and older devices yet.

    As for cyanogen making it "new", it doesn't update the hardware which is the challenging part Your device has a PowerVR SGX540, nothing cyanogen does will make that GPU faster than it currently is. 

    I apologize but it looks like that for now, you will be unable to play Renegade. Thanks for helping me out with all of this info though!
  • mhamedomhamedo
    edited September 2016
    Np and thanks for everything , I'll just be Waiting for it , no big deal .
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