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Hello. Sorry to bother you. I faced with this error. I bought in-game currency, the money was removed, and the box was not given. What do I do?-tell me, please. In advance, thank you!


  • I purchased a $10 bundle on my wife's iPad and didn't get the items... What do I do to get them??? I have already submitted a support ticket to Apple.
  • @pvynx do you know about the date and time you this happened to you? Can you PM me your Schrodinger ID ( you can find it at the bottom of the settings screen. You can get there by tapping the gear in the main menu ). We'll take a look at the server logs.

    @mistaboz did your in app purchase take you to the app store at all or was the entire transaction completed in the game? Please also PM me your Schrodinger ID ( see instructions above ). We'll take a look at our server and see what may have happened.
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