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Who's your favorite science fiction hero?

There have been so many heroes and heroines in science fiction film and literature. Who's your favorite and why? What makes them heroic to you?


  • PeachesPeaches Developer
    Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop because he's mostly just trying to get by.
  • One of my favorite sci fi movies of recent memory was Edge of Tomorrow. So I'd have to say Lt. Col. Bill Cage. It's like the dude used the Konami code and got infinite lives!
    1. For me, it's Ellen Ripley (Alien, Aliens) just such a bad ass. I like to pretend those are the only two movies she appears in.
    2. niconico
      edited March 2016
      Deckard from Blade Runner for his moral code and Han Solo for his humor… I think I just love Harrison Ford.

      I'm also a big fan of Major Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell:  there's something magnetic about her cool professionalism and get-it-done attitude.
    3. Sgt. Todd 3465 from Soldier; he's an older model but tough as nails and isn't afraid to pull an eye out to prove it.
    4. Hiro Protagonist from Snow Crash had the best main character name ever.  And he's a hacker. Plus he delivered a mean pizza.
    5. I'd go with Mark Watney from The Martian.  He's smart, creative, and a survivor in the face of extreme adversity.  The sarcasm helps, too.
    6. Dr. Who (obviously), then James Kirk.
    7. Herk Mondo a lesser known character from the Dark Horse Aliens comics. He's just so over the top and ridiculous. 
    8. My favorite sci fi hero is probably Anakin Skywalker because he's not perfect and he's just awesome
    9. So many favorites. I'd have to say from books, Kees vaan Loo-Macklin from Alan Dean Foster's "The Man Who Used the Universe"; TV, Capt. Janaway; movies (also from a book), I'd agree with Mark Watney from The Martian. From the "protagonists who aren't exactly heroes" I'm currently obsessed with Orphan Black and Deadpool, because some bad guys just need to be shish kabobbed. 
    10. I really like The Doctor from Doctor Who, and Master Chief from the Halo series. (Even though they are kind of at opposite ends of the spectrum on the whole killing part)
    11. I think the thing that most heroes have in common which makes them seem heroic is perseverance; they don't give up even when the goals seem ambiguous or uncertain.

      I personally prefer heroes who are intelligent, with a grey morality, but whose personalities aren't so overbearing that they overshadow the world or the story. I like my heroes to partly be an avatar for exploring the sci-fi world. I think Severian from Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun Tetralogy is a good example of this; fantastic series, by the way, I recommend it to every human.
    12. Johnny/Juan Rico from the book/movie Starship Troopers. Starts out as a basic soldier, and turns into a badass in my mind
    13. SidonusSidonus
      edited March 2016
      uh...Spehss MAhReen..who else.  I guess Id say either The Emprah!  or..Luke Skywalker..maybe Anikin even.
    14. SidonusSidonus
      edited March 2016
      wow, lol, after I posted I noticed choch posted Anikin too, haha..I thought he might be a little more unlikely, glad to see altruism hasn't washed everyone!  unless we are talkin' Ani from Star Wars 2 and 3 (actual order 1,2,3)  cuz hes a total annoying whinny puss, but yeah lol.

    15. /likes to Peaches too!  I feel the Bebop love.
    16. The 9th Doctor in particular, he was so angry but so wanted to help people. "Just this once, Rose, everybody lives!"

      Honor Harrington, from the Honorverse books. She tackles problems with a relentless determination and never does she put herself before others (sometimes to her detriment), but makes the best of whatever situation she finds herself in.
    17. Vir Cotto. :) Nice guy doing the right Thing and ending up the emperor due to his Moral compass. Albeit I agree that he is not very heroic in his day to day behaviour. :)
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