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About a crate bug

First time posting on a forum so I dont really know if there are spesific places for a category like this, but here it is anyway:

I bought a crate for 2.500 gold, it began loading, and after a while i pressed the back button without getting the crate in my inventory while still losing the 2500 gold. I got a scope afterwards, but I dont think it was from the crate.

Hopefully im the only one who have had this problem


  • Hi @ImOnKFCwifi

    Sorry it took us a so long to respond. Lots going on in the last couple weeks, but that's no excuse. When you say you bought a crate, do you mean the act of buying the crate itself or opening the crate? If it was opening the crate, when the call eventually succeeds, you should receiver your items. If you're certain you did not receive them, we can take a look on the server and see what may have happened.

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