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Beta 4 Released on Test Flight

Beta 4 was just released on TestFlight for iOS players. We have changed our release process slightly this time around. While the TestFlight version still connects to our TEST servers (meaning not the production servers - test server characters will not persist through global launch), we created a new package for the TestFlight build so anyone whom also has a production build can safely have them both on device at the same time.

Once we pass through this part of the test phase, hopefully a week or less we will submit production builds for both iOS and Android.

Here's what's new:
>>> Skins
Player armor and weapons can now be reskinned to look the way you want

>>> Grenades now have 3D models in the customize screen

>>> New Items
There is now a featured item in the store that refreshes every four hours
Elemental Crates are now available in the store

>>> Weapon Switch Removed
By popular demand, players now load out one weapon (or two if dual wielding pistols) and there is no longer a swap weapon button

>>> Boosts can now be equipped from the Mission Objective screen

>>> There is now a Mission Objective screen when entering play through an event

>>> There is now animation on the Mission Complete screen to help make clear what the stars are worth

>>> New Sprint Objectives for Daily Events


  • Aww, still no Android :(
  • Just a heads up that we are prepping the Beta 4 release for Android (yes @Morpy!). Services for Android might be done for a little bit as we get the release ready. Thanks!
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