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Hardware Controller Support and Premium Gameplay?

For both iOS, and Android,  the ONLY way I'm going to support this game is if both of these features are implemented.  

Premium could be either as a paywall before play, or introduced as an iAP "premium unlock" (effectively making the free version a demo).  Any similar methods would also be welcomed.  However, if I see "gold", "crystals" and waiting times, I'll be out faster than you can say "Pay to win".

Also, hardware controller support is vital.  One barrier for devs is that they don't always have access to the myriad controllers out there.  However, some devs include either a separate, or integrated (in game)  controller mapping app for beta testers, so we can send feedback.

Will this be possible?


  • The free to play model in this game is very generous, all content seems to be unlocked for everyone, and the only thing you could use money for is to buy crates to get gear faster.  Said crates can also be purchased with in game credits earned by playing.

    There are two currencies in game, each are obtained by playing.  The first currency is bits used to buy crates and visual customizations for gear. The second currency is scrap and is obtained by scrapping unwanted gear, this currency is used to craft new gear.  

    hope this helps and hope to see you on the boards.
  • Hahahaha this post.
    "Change the game so I can pay to win more easily! Otherwise I wont play it as much"
    Sometimes a game doesnt fit you perfectly buddy. Get over it and yourself.
  • The way I see it, this game is already much more generous than its predecessor in terms of its freemium model. In the previous game there's still an energy system along with upgrade timers, and without having sufficiently upgraded gear / specific guns you would have a really hard time in the end-game. Now the sequel has removed the energy system and timers altogether for good, and the only thing that requires some grinding is to build better gear using gold and scrap.

    Even better is that there's now the ability to dodge attacks, which added another dimension of skill rather than relying heavily on shielding / stun weapons, and enables skilled players to progress further even without the best gear. Multiplayer campaigns also offer more generous rewards compared to the really scarce Tech Points and Catalysts in the previous game.

    As for hardware controllers I never really see the point of them in M*. From the very beginning the series' goal is to reimagine FPS for touchscreens, and it really got me into the genre for a person who never was into it. Playing the game with controllers would only defeat the purpose of the game itself by making it essentially the same as all the other generic, unremarkable FPS titles on the App Store. It's like asking for joysticks support in Infinity Blade when the combat was really meant to be done with direct swiping and tapping.
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